About Us

About CasinoCoin

CasinoCoin is a digital currency, designed with the regulated gaming industry in mind. Utilising the latest in blockchain technology, CasinoCoin can facilitate up to 1,500 peer-to-peer transfers per second, with near-instant confirmation.

It is backed by a technology infrastructure with the potential to reinvent the way customers interact with gaming operators.

Designed with users, gaming operators and regulators in mind, the CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager application features built-in KYC and responsible gaming functionality, as well as providing an unparalleled user experience never before seen in the online gambling space.

Operators who integrate CasinoCoin into their gaming platform will gain access to a simplified customer onboarding process, a new incremental revenue stream, and reduced fees associated with cross-border transactions.

The nature of blockchain technology means that regulators will benefit from the most secure and transparent funding system available today. A near-perfect anti-money laundering (AML) environment has been developed, utilising the latest KYC technology coupled with a new, proprietary AML tracking tool; the most advanced and thorough in the industry.

About the CasinoCoin Foundation

The CasinoCoin Foundation, established in September 2017, provides marketing and promotional support, technical innovation and governance for CasinoCoin. The non-profit organisation, registered in Malta, aims to promote CasinoCoin as the pre-eminent digital currency of the regulated online gambling industry.

John Caldwell, former Director of Advocacy for the Foundation, said: “The only sustainable way forward for cryptocurrency in the gambling world is to work with regulators and operators from day one and focus on regulated markets. Our aim with CasinoCoin is to provide a currency, and related technical tools, designed and accessible for operators and ordinary players in the regulated gambling industry. We believe the Foundation will play an integral part in driving the coin’s future success.”

As the foundation grows, it will establish a blockchain and cryptocurrency program for the industry, with the goal of providing educational materials on cryptocurrency, and promoting the benefits of CasinoCoin and blockchain technology in general.