The CasinoCoin team is always striving to improve our products and ensure they are free of bugs, and we’d like to enlist your help.

We are offering a CSC bounty to those who flag bugs in our software which may pose a risk to security.

These bugs could include everything from vulnerabilities and exploits to information about possible attacks on the network.

We will pay a CSC bounty for bugs within our software and infrastructure that were previously unknown and have not been reported previously, pose a genuine threat to the CasinoCoin network or its users, are fixable and have not already been exploited.

While we welcome general comments that can help us improve the network, we cannot offer a bounty for such advice.

The amount of CSC we will pay per qualifying report will vary. While a full exploit will qualify for a higher bounty, a smaller vulnerability which could form part of a chain will also be rewarded.

In short, we are encouraging all reports. We will have the final say on all bounties, but as we are looking to incentivise our community to assist in this process, you will not be short changed should you report something critical to the health of CasinoCoin.

To report a bug to us, please send your report, including as much detail as possible, to: [email protected]


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