Coin Swap Conclusion

After 80 days the coin swap, necessary to move CasinoCoin to a new blockchain, has concluded. 89.91% of the coins were swapped, which is a great result and exceeded the predictions of many in the CasinoCoin Foundation and community.

This leaves the Foundation, a non-profit entity, with 10.09% of the coin supply. This will be used to fund continued development, marketing and operations for the CasinoCoin project.

During reconciliation we discovered a variance of 1,486 coins, which is possibly a result of human error during the swap process. This represents 0.003% of the total supply and is well within the acceptable tolerance of such an operation.

The ~36 million swapped CXX (old CasinoCoin) were sent to a burn address, which has no private keys associated to it. This means there is no way, anyone, can access or move the coins. The address was generated using this Python program.

Coin Swap Statistics

Total coins swapped: 35,971,598.97473669 CXX

Total coin swap transactions: 1,008

CXX burn address: (no private keys held)

Number of coins retained by the CasinoCoin Foundation: 4,026,914,393.20604000 CSC

CasinoCoin Foundation wallet address:

Total supply/circulating supply: 39,999,999,933.338 CSC

The circulating supply is the same as the total supply as all coins are in circulation, including those held by the Foundation. From time to time, CSC will be liquidated to sustain the Foundation.

When the community relay node program is launched, the total and circulating supply will be brought up to 40 billion CSC, with the difference being awarded for the first batch of transaction confirmations.