How to Add a Token into Desktop Wallet

How to Add a Token into Desktop Wallet

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Wallet Overview

The wallet tab provides a comprehensive list of all accounts and tokens associated to the accounts under the wallet. These can be unfunded accounts, which means they have a zero balance. Accounts that have tokens added will share the same account address. As you can see below the wallet maintains multiple CSC accounts and, in each account, tokens can be associated to that respective account.

New Account

As soon as you are logged in you are brought to the wallet tab. This shows the accounts list. Here you will only see one account which has been funded with the min reserve of 10 CSC. Here you will only see one account which has been funded with the min reserve of 10 CSC.

Add Token Disabled – Notice that the Add Token button is disabled. This is due to a lack of reserves to manage tokens on CSC ledger. We will add 40 CSC to the account to make it 50 CSC total. The reserve is .25 per token added to an account

Note: Send/Receive is not covered in this tutorial.

Now that funds are added you can see the Add Token button is now clickable.


Add a Token

In this example we will add the Crazy8Token   to the account cfNBfUykfNZt9nsRuPbj6VB5Sfbfx19hvB.

1. Click on Add Token

2. A shadow box menu will appear. Choose the account to add and then the token, which in this case is Crazy8Token  .Crazy8Token should be highlighted in red as shown in image.



3. Enter you wallet password at bottom. Notice again the Add Token button becomes clickable when all conditions are met.



4. Click on Add Token at the bottom.

5. The Crazy8Token should appear directly under the CSC account and will share the same account address. Now it is time to fund the new token.

It is possible that the token may not show up immediately in the wallet. Click on another tab on the left and then back to wallet and it will display the new token.


6. From another wallet we will send a few Crazy8 tokens to ensure that the token account is functioning. You will see below that 25 Crazy8 tokens were received successfully.



Attempting to send a token to an account that has not added that token to the receiving account will end up in a failed transaction. No funds will be lost in this failed transaction. The .25 CSC transaction fee will be spent as it was an attempt to make a transaction on the ledger.

Congratulations. You now can receive Crazy8 tokens from anyone. This process can be repeated with any existing or future tokens added to the CasinoCoin Ledger.