How to Add, Send and Receive CasinoCoin Tokens

How to Add, Send and Receive CasinoCoin Tokens

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If you are creating a new wallet proceed to the How to install the new Mobile CasinoCoin Token Wallet guide. If you are looking to add, send or receive tokens then continue in this guide.

Be aware that there is a reserve amount for CasinoCoin and tokens. You cannot add a token till you have enough funds in the CSC account.
CSC Account: 10 CSC reserved (default)
Tokens: .25 CSC per token added to the account. Example: 3 tokens added = .75 CSC

Add a Token

Tokens are associated to accounts and share the same address as the CSC account. The mobile wallet allows you to view both all accounts and a filtered non-zero balance list. This allows for multiple paths to add a token. Below we will step through two options.
1. A token will be associated to an account and there are two methods to accomplish this.

a. From the dashboard click on the wallet icon
b. From the dashboard click on the CSC balance.
(This method filters out zero balance accounts)

2. Click on CSC symbol on the bottom right
3. Click on tag icon . This will bring us to the Add Token menu.
4. Via the dropdown For Account, choose the account to associate a token with.



5. Click on the Token dropdown and choose which token you are adding then click on Add Token.



6. Enter your PIN to confirm you want to add that token.



7. You will be brought back to dashboard where you can now see your token account added.

Pay attention to the account address of CSC and the token added. They should be identical. In this example the address is cJcm2CCCY8aupwcsa6d2V7wReU63Jr2eX9


Send a Token

We are now going to send tokens from our account to another. In this example we will use PCN under the TEST network. You’ll see that there is 90 PCN coins as our starting balance. We will send 5 PCN to another wallet.

1. Click on PCN account in the dashboard, you will be brought to the wallet tab showing a filtered list of accounts that have a non-zero balance.



2. Click on PCN account under wallet. Here you will see the PCN account details.



3. Click on CSC symbol on the bottom right

4. Click on send symbol from pop up menu
5. You will see multiple fields, some required, some optional.

a. From Account: This will be your local account address; this is prefilled for you.
b. To Account: Where you will enter the destination address in one of three ways

i. Manually enter address
ii. Scan a QR code by clicking on scan.
iii. Use local address book by clicking on the silhouette of a person.

If no addresses have been previously defined there will be no list to select from.

c. Amount: The quantity you desire to send.
d. Destination Tag: This is a number that isolates funds from others that share the same destination address. Example: An exchange that has one address and multiple tags. One tag per client account.

If the receiving party and/or person provides a tag and it is either omitted or mistyped the funds will go to the wrong client. Using the example above, if omitted, the funds would go to the exchange and not associated to the recipient. If mistyped, the funds go to the exchange and be associated to a different client who could immediately sell or move them which potentially could result in permanent loss of funds.

e. Description: A memo, note or description to keep track of why this payment was sent.



6. Once you have filled out the form as desired, click on Send PCN.
7. Authorize the payment by typing in your PIN.



8. After successfully submitting the payment it may take a few seconds to complete. You will see a notification appear at the top of the app as shown below.



9. Finally, you may validate your payment went through by clicking on History at the bottom . You will see the payment and can click on the payment for more details of the transaction if desired.



Receive a Token

We will go through the process of creating a QR code and/or sharing the account address to receive funds from a sender. If that token has a zero balance you will need to click on wallet to view the full list of accounts and tokens.

The dashboard represents a summary total for each non-zero balance. If that token (across all accounts) is a zero balance it will not be represented here.
Example: CSC = 10,000, PCN = 1,000 and GFG = 0.
You will see CSC and PCN in the dashboard but not GFG. GFG is filtered due to having a zero balance.

1. There are multiple paths to reach the token account to request funds.

a. From the dashboard click on the token you would like to receive.
b. From the dashboard click on the wallet icon

2. Choose the token account from the list provided, after clicking on it you will see the account details page. (If you chose the wallet icon you will see an unfiltered list.)



3. Click on CSC symbol on the bottom right

4. Click on receive symbol from pop up menu

5. You have two options to request funds. Either you generate a QR code and share it via your screen or socially. Sharing socially requires you to take a snapshot and share it. The second option is to share your account id string.

A QR code will appear here by default. This QR code can be scanned by another wallet to send funds to you.
The code changes when any or all the fields are filled out. If you fill out any fields, click on Update QR Code. The QR code will change to reflect the included information. Notice in the images below that the QR code has changed after entering in 100 into the Amount field and clicking on Update QR Code.



6. To simply send someone your account id string, click on Share Account ID String and it will copy to your clipboard and prompt you to choose a method to share the string.
7. Finally, you may validate your payment was received by clicking on History at the bottom You will see the payment and can click on the payment for more details of the transaction if desired.