How to install the new CasinoCoin Mobile Wallet

How to install the new CasinoCoin Mobile Wallet

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You can install and run the official 4.1.2 mobile wallet currently. Version 4.1.2 will be supported until April, 1st, 2020, after which it will be replaced on Play Store and App Store (iPhone) with the new version [Version].

Moving to the new mobile wallet will cost you 10 CSC + 0.25 CSC tx fee per newly activated account. You can activate accounts for free if you visit our Discord Community Chat.

Download the CasinoCoin Mobile Wallet (5.x.x)

Download the wallet from:

If you are creating a new wallet continue to New Wallet.
If you are restoring a wallet continue to Restore from Recovery Words. This will only work if you recover a 5.x.x Wallet (Mobile or Desktop).

Creating a new wallet

To generate a new wallet, select New Wallet.

Read the disclaimer and accept it when you are finished. You must click on the checkbox to proceed.

Enter an email that should be associated with this wallet, you will have to remember the email, we do not store that information on our end. Enter the same PIN twice as confirmation. If the PIN is lost the recovery seed must be used to regain access to the wallet. The PIN is required to be 6 digits long.

The next screen allows you to join the Testnet or Production environments but not both. The production network is activated by simply pressing Continue without selecting Developer Options.

Testnet is activated by choosing Developer Options and hitting the checkbox Connect to The Test Network.

Do not select Developer Options and the connect to test network sub-checkbox option if you are planning on using the production network.

Click on continue and you will be brought to the Wallet Recovery Passphrase page. The warning indicates that it highly recommends that you retain the recovery words in their exact order. By clicking on I Understand you accept the warning and responsibility


Write down the shown 12 word seed and store it at a safe location. Do not lose it. Validate to the app that you have backed up your twelve (12) words and E-Mail address by pressing I Have Made A Copy. By pressing Go Back it will close the shadow box and give you another chance to make your own backup. If you lose the seed, you won’t be able to recover the wallet.

The app will perform a check to ensure you have a copy and ask you to enter three (3) words based on their positions. If you input the incorrect keywords or place them in the incorrect order or positions, the app will not allow you to move forward.

Choosing Start Over will return you to the first screen to choose New Wallet or Restore from Recovery Words and will remember your entries. Please note that the app will generate new words when it starts over.

As soon as you complete the recovery phrase validation the app begins creating the wallet. Once complete Open Wallet will become clickable.

If you leave the app open and change to another app during this process you may not see that the wallet was created and will bring you to the PIN login screen when you return. This is not an issue as the app will finish its process of creating the wallet. If you close the app while the wallet is in its creation process you will have to start over.


Click on Open Wallet and you will be brought to the login screen. Notice at the bottom inside the marked orange rectangle, there will be a status of TESTNET or PRODUCTION.

Be aware that enabling a TESTNET wallet and sending PRODUCTION funds to a TESTNET account will result in a loss of funds.

Open Wallet by clicking on Login. You will be prompted for your personal PIN that you created during this process.

If the PIN was entered incorrectly you will receive an error message. There is no limit to the number of times you can try. You will not be locked out.

After a successful login you will see the main menu showing summary information about CasinoCoin and your new account which should show a 0.00 balance.


The last step is to activate and fund your account. This can be done in a few ways. Continue reading Account Activation.

Account Activation


Send funds from another wallet. We recommend a small amount as a test first.

As stated earlier this will cost you 10 CSC as reserves. This can be done by sending the coins from another wallet, via or by joining Discord Community Chat and typing the following command

!activate [wallet address]

TESTNET Method (only works for Testnet Accounts)


– Send 10,000 Test CSC  to the account

!testfaucet [wallet address]

Congratulations! You have now created a new wallet, activated it, and are ready to store you CSC safely.