How to install the new CasinoCoin Token Wallet

How to install the new CasinoCoin Token Wallet

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You can install and run 4.x.x Wallets and the 5.x.x Token Wallet simultaneously. Version 4.1.5 will be supported until December 31st, 2019, after which it will still be available for download, but will not be supported. Moving to the new wallet will cost you 10CSC per newly activated account. You can activate accounts for free if you visit our Discord.

1. Download the CasinoCoin Token Wallet (5.x.x) from Downloads page.

You may receive a warning from Windows Defender regarding the source, but the software is safe to run.

2. As we are installing the wallet for the first time, click on “New Wallet”.

3. Accept the Disclaimer and click “Continue”.

4. Enter your email and choose a secure password. You will need to remember the email for the recovery process. We do not store your email and it is not submitted to us. It only works as a salt/hash for the recovery seed.

If you forget the email you used during this step, we will not be able to remind you. No information is submitted to or stored by us.

5. As we want to connect to the production network, click “Continue”.

6. Write down the seed and your chosen email. You will need this information in case of a recovery. This is the only information you will ever need to recover ALL accounts in a given wallet.

Note that text files and other unencrypted files are not a secure method to store email/backups/recovery words.

7. You will be asked to prove that you have written down the seed by typing in three random words from it.

Do not skip writing down the seed and make sure it is stored at a safe location.

8. Wait until the wallet setup is completed and click “Open Wallet”.

9. The basic setup is now done.

10. You can now send funds from another wallet. We recommend a small amount as a test first.You can activate the account by sending the coins from another wallet, via or by joining Discord Community Chat and typing the following command

!activate [wallet address]