How to setup the CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager (BRM)

How to setup the CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager (BRM)

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If you have not yet downloaded the BRM, head over to the Apple Store  or Google Play get started.

1. Create your account

Since we are creating an account for the first time, click the “Create Account” button to begin.


2. Enter your email address

The next step is to provide your email address. After supplying your email address, the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification will begin. Please note that the KYC verification process must be completed successfully before the BRM can be used.


Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process used by banks and other financial institutions to gather identifying data from current and potential customers. The purpose of KYC is to prevent fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activities.

3. Prepare your identification documents

Before continuing, locate a piece of government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license, an identification card, or a passport and click the red button to continue.


4. Agree to terms and conditions

During the KYC verification process, we will be collecting personal information to verify your identity. Please review the formal terms and conditions and click “Agree and Continue” to proceed.


5. Retrieve verification code from your e-mail

Please check the inbox of the email address you provided in step 2 for your verification code.

Once you have obtained the verification code from your inbox, return to the BRM and enter your code into the “Verification Code” field and select “Verify Code” to continue.


If you supplied your email address and did not receive a verification code, please select “Didn’t Receive the E-Mail? Click to Resend”

6. Capture the front of the identification document

Select “Capture Image” to upload or take a photo of the front of your ID document.

After taking the photo, please ensure all four edges of the document are fully visible. Please also ensure that your photo is adequately lit and that all information is clearly visible and in focus.


7. Capture the back of the identification document
Select “Capture Image” to upload or take a photo of the back of your ID document.

Once again, please take a moment to double check the quality of the photo and ensure that all necessary information is captured and in focus.

8. Enter or verify your information

For this step, simply enter or verify your information and ensure it matches the information on your identification document. After you have reviewed the information, select “Submit Check for Verification” to continue.


9. Capture your selfie

To capture your selfie, click “Capture Photo” and simply take or upload a selfie. Please ensure that your face is clearly visible, and that nothing is covering any part of your face.


10. Submit Check for Verification

To proceed, please select “Submit Check for Verification.”


11. Set your 6-digit pin

To secure your wallet, please enter a 6-digit pin. After setting your pin, the BRM will prompt you to enter it one more time for security purposes.


The following twelve-word recovery phrase is the only way you can restore your wallet. If you forget your 6-digit pin and lose your wallet recovery phrase, the CasinoCoin Foundation cannot assist you with retrieving the coins in your wallet.

12. Wallet Recovery Phrase

Please read the pop-up dialogue box carefully. As noted above, your twelve-word recovery phrase is the only way to restore your wallet. To proceed, please click “I have read and understand” to confirm that you’ve read and understood the importance of saving your twelve-word recovery phrase.

13. Write down your wallet recovery phrase

These words together with your signup email address are the only way to recover your wallet. Please write them down and store them offline. Once you have written down your recovery phrase, check the box to continue.

Do not save your recovery phrase on your device! Write it down or print a copy and store it safely offline.

14. Confirm recovery phrase

This step is designed to ensure you wrote down your recovery words. To continue, please enter your words as prompted. If you are unable to complete this step, please return to the previous step, write down your words, and try again.

Once you have successfully confirmed your recovery phrase, your account will be created and you will be able to log in.


15. BRM setup is complete!

Once you have cleared KYC, you will see something like the screenshot below.