Technical Specifications

CasinoCoin Specifications

  • Name


  • Abbreviation


  • Type

    Consensus Ledger (Fork of XRP’s codebase (rippled))

  • Market Cap

    40 billion CSC

  • Coin Supply

    Capped and not reduced

  • Transaction fee

    0.25 CSC
    Can be adjusted by the validator nodes every 250 blocks

  • Account activation minimum

    10 CSC

  • Community Relay Nodes

  • Minimum required balance for running a community relay node

    1,000,000 CSC

  • Average confirmation time

    3-5 seconds

  • Multi-signing transaction support


  • Minimum validating nodes

    Supplied by the Foundation and trusted third parties

  • Required validating nodes for ledger consensus


  • Reward for running a community relay node

    Pro-rata share of transaction fees issued every 1,024 ledgers automatically paid via blockchain

Validating Nodes

All validating nodes are managed by the CasinoCoin Foundation, in order to maintain security. The CasinoCoin Foundation will initially control 80% of all Validating Nodes running to ensure integrity and will validate all transactions on the network.

Community Relay Nodes

Community Relay Nodes (CRN) help to spread the global span of the network and to handle the load of transactions. As a community incentive everyone who owns 1,000,000 CSC can setup a CRN and will receive rewards by offering this service to the community at large.

CasinoCoin Foundation Rewards

When 1,024 ledgers are processed, a reward will be generated to create a payout for those providing valid qualifying CRN to the CasinoCoin Foundation. Payouts will occur only for balances of 1,000,000 CSC and above.

Calculation of the CasinoCoin Foundation Reward will be based on the current supply of CSC using a hard cap of 40,000,000,000 CSC with the difference to be rewarded to qualifying CRN on a pro-rata basis.

CRN Rewards Eligibility Qualifying Requirements

User must setup a server node running the full ledger history
Community Relay Nodes will be identified via Community Relay Node Key. Only Community Relay Nodes with a valid and authorized Community Relay Node Key will be accepted by the network and be eligible
User must register and supply name, address, Community Relay Node Key and contact information to be eligible to run a Relay Node
Every Relay Node must run from a unique fixed IP address
User must configure a SSL secured websocket on the Community Relay Node to have its users connect to it (can be free Letsencrypt certificate)
Server must be configured and comply with Domain Verification using the SSL certificate that runs the websocket
The Relay Node Fee Calculation Window is set to 1024 ledgers and may be changed in the event the transaction amount increases dramatically, or if the CasinoCoin Foundation decides in its sole discretion to discontinue the CasinoCoin Foundation Rewards program
The Community Relay Node Account ID must contain 1,000,000 CSC or more during the fee calculation window to be eligible for receiving the CasinoCoin Foundation rewards
The Server Node must have a 100% connection status during the Fee Calculation Window to be eligible for receiving CasinoCoin Foundation Rewards
The Server Node must have a response latency of < 250ms to be eligible for receiving CasinoCoin Foundation Rewards
The maximum number of accepted Community Relay Nodes is set to 1000 nodes
Users are allowed to run a maximum of one Community Relay Node per region according to the Region Overview
Community Relay Nodes that can not be reached for more than 168 hours will be dropped by the network and need to be resubmitted to be accepted again. User might lose its slot due to a timeout if there is a backlog of CRN registrations

Region CRN Max Max CRN per user Proof of ID CRN Expiry Timeout
Europe 200 1 Sig + KYC + Ledger 168 hours
North America 200 1 Sig + KYC + Ledger 168 hours
LATAM 150 1 Sig + KYC +Ledger 168 hours
Africa 100 1 Sig + KYC + Ledger 168 hours
Asia 200 1 Sig + KYC + Ledger 168 hours
Australasia 50 1 Sig + KYC + Ledger 168 hours
CIS 100 1 Sig + KYC + Ledger 168 hours

Rules and/or CasinoCoin Foundation Eligibility Requirements may be changed, added or removed by the CasinoCoin Foundation at any time and in its sole discretion
The calculation and eligibility determination for CasinoCoin Foundation Rewards can not be disputed in any way whatsoever, and all CasinoCoin Foundation decisions are final
Not complying with CasinoCoin Foundation directions, rules, or terms and conditions, will result in a user being permanently excluded from the CasinoCoin Foundation Rewards eligibility list

Community Relay Nodes Applications

You can file your application here.