Custom tokens help solve real business problems

An owned payment method that is super fast with fees that save 80-90% off existing methods

New Revenue stream. Extremely low fees. No chargebacks

Unique customer retention and engagement programs

Can validate and certify data immutably

What CasinoCoin offers

A custom token allows the issuer to choose a token name and brand, determine the type of token (e.g. data transmitter, ‘Stable’coin, etc) and have full control over things like supply, value, distribution method and other factors.

Our team has a proven industry record and the expertise to create customised token solutions based on your exact specifications. As part of the service, CasinoCoin will insert the custom tokens on the CSC blockchain and provide access to the CasinoCoin Token Deployment Dashboard.

Why Partners choose us?


1,500+ transactions per second. More than 100x faster than ethereum and bitcoin


It’s a custom blockchain so not susceptible to network outages of public blockchains. Multisig available


Engineered to power growing volume and demand


Fees back to clients based on customer usage volume

And access to CSC’s best-in-class functionalities

Full KYC/AML provision

Regulatory compliance

Automated escrow

Anti-hack features

CasinoCoin vs Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Transactions per second Average confirmation time Average fee per transaction


1,500+ 3-5 seconds < $0.01


20 14 seconds < $0.19


7 10 minutes < $1.37