The CasinoCoin blockchain can host custom tokens for businesses that wish to leverage the benefits of CasinoCoin technology while maintaining control of their own token economy.

Why create a custom token on the CasinoCoin blockchain?

Creating a custom token on the CasinoCoin blockchain allows gaming operators and suppliers to maintain control of their token while still enjoying all the benefits of our blockchain, including lightning fast, scalable transactions and low fees.

The creator of the custom token can choose a token name and brand, determine the total supply, value and distribution method, all while still taking advantage of CasinoCoin’s best-in-class desktop and mobile wallets.

How can custom tokens on the CasinoCoin blockchain be used?

There are a number of interesting use-cases for custom tokens on the CasinoCoin blockchain.

Reward programmes

With player retention arguably online gaming’s biggest challenge at the moment, loyalty and reward programmes have never been more important.

A custom token hosted on the CasinoCoin blockchain can replace existing loyalty programmes, introduce a gamification layer and make it easier for operators to track the distribution of rewards.

Tokens can be both closed or open loop depending on the desired environment.

Data verification

The CasinoCoin blockchain can process up to 1,500 transactions a second, making it a powerful tool for the transmission of large volumes of data in an immutable and secure manner.

Recording data on the blockchain can also validate the data that is being stored on a database within an audit.

It is an ideal way to help monetise data which has not previously been collected, with the usage of a token equating to the cost of a service, creating a similar effect as a SaaS product.

Additional payment method

Operators are facing payments challenges in markets across the world. A bespoke token can help on-board players who may not otherwise be in a position to deposit.

CasinoCoin’s strong AML, KYC and responsible gaming protocols ensure peace of mind for operators, players and regulators.

What are the benefits for CasinoCoin?

As all custom tokens are hosted on the CasinoCoin blockchain, and our native currency, CSC, will still be the required currency for transaction fees. This flat fee is currently set at 0.25 CSC per transaction to encourage a high level of activity on the CasinoCoin blockchain.


The first custom token hosted on the CasinoCoin blockchain is Cammegh Token. Cammegh is the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of roulette wheels, integrated roulette systems and gaming digital signage.

Cammegh will use its new token to improve their billing and support processes and also transmission of data from its roulette systems, as well as to further protect against fraud.

CasinoCoin will announce further use cases of the Cammegh Token and additional custom token partners in due course.

How can I create a token on CasinoCoin blockchain?

If you are interested in hosting a token on the CasinoCoin blockchain, please register your interest by completing the token application form.